Anti-DDoS technology

Thanks to the long-term work and experience of Cybervio's engineers, as a few in the market, we offer support for individual projects of our customers. We provide uninterrupted access to services such as High Availability Load Balancer, supporting standard HTTP traffic or specific online game protocols, requiring specialist knowledge to protect them. A wide range of supported protocols, high bandwidth and redundancy services provide our customers with convenient conditions to achieve their goals.

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Stop worrying Take care of the safety and continuous availability of your services with the Anti-DDoS Cybervio service. From now on, your team will be able to focus entirely on the implementation of projects from the software side, as part of the most efficient gateway for DDoS attacks in terms of volume or protection of specific protocols based on proprietary solutions for detecting and mitigating threats. Bet on proven solutions used in payment, medical or online gaming environments. Bet on a brand whose main aspect is the development of modern technologies aimed at providing convenient conditions for our customers' projects. Bet on Cybervio.

Anti-DDoS in a nutshell

The quintessence of protection against DDoS attacks lies in breaking down the procedure into a number of factors which are supposed to fulfill the designated missions. This procedure allows us to flexibly modify the firewall under the influence of new vulnerabilities in Anti-DDoS systems.

We monitor

Our IT systems thoroughly analyse each network packet (input-output) and assess the likely risk of a threat. Depending on many factors (such as packet characteristics) they provide feedback to the next firewall level.

We catch

If the packet has been negatively assessed by the monitoring layer, the transmitted data is intercepted. It is saved in Cybervio's global threat database (it is evaluated on a different scale in retransmission attempts) and passed on to the Anti-DDoS system mitigation layer.

We mitigate

Data transmitted from the capture level to the mitigation level is automatically cancelled (killed) by network devices. Thanks to the use of artificial intelligence in the Anti-DDoS system, we stand out from the competition. The attack is properly neutralized.


We monitor and mitigate L3-L7 attacks with total effectiveness. We are able to bounce back an attack of several dozen Tbps thanks to a modern and scalable infrastructure designed by Cybervio engineers in cooperation with global IT giants.


Our experienced team consists of specialists who for years have been designing infrastructures ready to accept large attacks for non-standard protocols. We prepare tailor-made solutions with an individual approach to the customer's needs, impossible things can be done right away, miracles can be done in a moment.

24/7/365 support

We support our customers and monitor the provided infrastructure 24/7/365, which reduces the possible response time to a minimum. Our proprietary monitoring tools make us effective in every aspect of implemented solutions or technical support provided completely free of charge to our customers.