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Content Delivery Network Gratis at the purchase of WAF Cybervio

CDN Cybervio guarantees redundancy of the services provided and express serving of content from different places in the world. A specific tool serves content from locations: Poland, Germany, France, Netherlands, Great Britain, Canada. Range of available locations is updated on an ongoing basis to customer expectations.

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DNS Anycast Gratis at the purchase of WAF Cybervio

DNS Anycast is a modern technology that guarantees redundancy of services and a spectacular response time to DNS queries anywhere in the world. Cybervio PoPs scattered around the world will redirect traffic to another point when one of the servers fails. All queries are automatically redirected to the nearest PoP.

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Web Application Firewall From $25/month

WAF Cybervio offers layer 7 HTTP security by monitoring and filtering any unwanted incidents. The threat database (CSRF/XSRF, XSS, LFI, SQL injection and others) is updated on an ongoing basis (automatically) and is supervised by Cybervio's security engineers.

Network Defense

Unique system

Our software is the only one on the market to use the artificial intelligence process. WAF Cybervio has the ability to automatically build or update the threat database and assess the risk of a threat and apply appropriate mitigation actions in its case. Cybervio's team of security engineers supervises all activities of our systems 24/7/365 and corrects any irregularities.

Active connections



The sensor, designed by Cybervio's technology engineers, monitors the movement of all Cybervio 24/7/365 WAF services. When incoming queries are intensified, the sensor automatically analyzes the type of movement and, in case of inconvenience, filters out unwanted queries thoroughly. The process is fully automatic and requires no human intervention. An actual user will not feel the moment of attack in any way.


WAF Cybervio was designed with the most demanding customers in mind. For this reason, our main aspect is performance and scalability. The software runs continuously in on-demand mode. Our protection has no physical limits and at the same time it is stored in the best Data Centers in the world. We value the safety of our customers and want to provide them with the highest quality service.

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WAF Cybervio software, apart from supervision of HTTP protocol layer 7, cooperates with Scrubbing Center, which guarantees protection against a wide spectrum of DDoS attacks (Low&Slow, SSL, Network flood and others). During a DDoS attack, traffic is redirected (usually via DNS or BGP) to Scrubbing Center, where the Anti-DDoS system separates authorized traffic from unauthorized traffic and relays only the correct packets back to the network. Scrubbing Center guarantees our customers availability of services in the network 24/7/365.

Check how simple the Cybervio API is!



Login or create a Cybervio account.



Create and configure or use an existing API key.



Implement the generated key according to API documentation and build your own system with Cybervio!

API and management panel

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Implement the generated key according to API documentation and build your own system with Cybervio!

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24/7/365 support

Cybervio's team of engineers guarantees technical support for our customers 24/7/365. We are the only company on the market to offer support for technical teams, R&D and the implementation sector of our customers.

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The most important aspect has been designed, maintaining all IT system security standards. The authorization guarantees security against unauthorized access by unauthorized persons to any API functionality.

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Management panel

We provide an intuitive graphic interface for service management in Cybervio. The system offers, among others, CDN, DNS Anycast and WAF Cybervio management. For “business” clients, we provide unique statistics and metrics for filtering/security incidents.

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The interface is ready for implementation in all kinds of software environments. For the most popular ones, extensive documentation has been designed, which will allow express implementation of all functionalities.

Modern WorldStream Data Center

Our branded Dell servers are colocated in a modern Netherlands Data Center. Our cooperation includes insurance coverage of about 10 Tbps network capacity, N+2 redundancy and 100% SLA. Through participation in key traffic exchange nodes, geographically dispersed around the world, our network meets the Ultra-Low Latency designation and allows us to mitigate DDoS attacks of extreme density.

Locations offered

Cybervio offers 6 fully independent locations worldwide!