Web Application Firewall

WAF Cybervio offers layer 7 HTTP security by monitoring and filtering any unwanted incidents. The threat database (CSRF/XSRF, XSS, LFI, SQL injection and others) is updated on an ongoing basis (automatically) and is supervised by Cybervio's security engineers. We offer the most effective website protection on the market. Our software has no limitations on the size or duration of any type of attack. We protect the interests of our customers 24/7/365 without interruption.

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How does it work?

Cybervio provides modern and flexible solutions at an affordable price, whose installation is equivalent to unscrewing the cork from a water bottle. It is trivially simple.

  • list imageSelect a plan and enter your Internet domain name
  • list imageChange the DNS servers to the one indicated by Cybervio or redirect its record to the indicated address
  • list imageConfigure any of your options to your liking
  • list imageProtect your website with Cybervio

API and management panel

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Flexible interface with unlimited possibilities of operations. The system has been designed for the most demanding customers and is ready to be implemented in your own system.

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24/7/365 support

Cybervio's team of engineers guarantees technical support for our customers 24/7/365. We are the only company on the market to offer support for technical teams, R&D and the implementation sector of our customers.

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The most important aspect has been designed, maintaining all IT system security standards. The authorization guarantees security against unauthorized access by unauthorized persons to any API functionality.

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Management panel

We provide an intuitive graphic interface for service management in Cybervio. The system offers, among others, CDN, DNS Anycast and WAF Cybervio management. For “business” clients, we provide unique statistics and metrics for filtering/security incidents.

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The interface is ready for implementation in all kinds of software environments. For the most popular ones, extensive documentation has been designed, which will allow express implementation of all functionalities.

Modern WorldStream Data Center

Our branded Dell servers are colocated in a modern Netherlands Data Center. Our cooperation includes insurance coverage of about 10 Tbps network capacity, N+2 redundancy and 100% SLA. Through participation in key traffic exchange nodes, geographically dispersed around the world, our network meets the Ultra-Low Latency designation and allows us to mitigate DDoS attacks of extreme density.

Sample attack scenario

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The website functions properly

The website operates flawlessly. The website is displayed correctly and no inconvenience is felt and the IT data is safe. Defensive procedures are not activated.

Commencement of attack

The attacker attempts to attack the website by simulating correct and specific queries on the website. The aim of the attack is to stop the uninterrupted operation of the web server serving the content on the website and to violate the confidentiality of the data placed in the database (i.e. personal data, access data, IP addresses and others).

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The blockage and the mitigation of attack

A sensor designed by Cybervio's technology engineers to supervise the movement of all Cybervio 24/7/365 WAF services records unauthorized transmission and redirects the request to the nearest active mitigation point in an instant. An attack is then blocked regardless of its size or specificity. Unwanted queries do not reach the client servers in any way. The technology saves information about the incident and informs about the client event.

End of attack

The attack is over. The attacker succumbs to the Cybervio Dam and decides to end the attack. The availability of the website remains unaffected; the website is constantly available online and all IT data remains secure on the client's side. The sensor changes the attack mode to standby mode.

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