CDN, DNS Anycast, WAF and Anti-DDoS technology is the best compromise for any online business. We protect the financial and business data of customers from all over the world, knowing the risk of data breaches. We constantly update our plans to give our customers as much as possible at an affordable price.

Pro $32/month Free trial month ✔️

Plan offer:

  • CDN, DNS Anycast, WAF
  • Anti-DDoS technology (L3-L7)
  • 20 WAF rules
  • Rate limiting
  • SSL certificate Let's Encrypt
  • Intelligent cache
  • HTTP/2 and HTTP/3 support
  • Analytics
  • DNSSEC support
  • DNS over TLS protection
  • 24/7/365 support
Business $326/month

It contains everything that Pro plan and:

  • 50 WAF rules
  • Installation of your own SSL certificate*
  • 24/7/365 support (individual carer)
  • SLA 99,95%
  • HTTP Load Balancer based on HAProxy
  • Specialized filters created according to the specifics of the traffic and the site's operating model
  • Sensor operating continuously in attack mode
  • Special points for business customers
Enterprise Ask for a quote

It contains everything that Business plan and:

  • Unlimited number of WAF rules
  • Customized SSL certificate (DigiCert by default)
  • Specialist analyst
  • 24/7/365 support (individual R&D engineer)
  • Protected TCP/UDP connection gateway (L3-L7) supporting non-standard protocols, e.g. online games like Minecraft
  • Support of the individual engineer in the configuration of the plan on the customer side