DNS Anycast

DNS Anycast is a modern technology that guarantees redundancy of services and a spectacular response time to DNS queries anywhere in the world. Cybervio PoPs scattered around the world will redirect traffic to another point when one of the servers fails. All queries are automatically redirected to the nearest PoP. We take care of every detail of our services, as a result of which DNS records are automatically duplicated at Cybervio PoPs.

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Information systems designed by Cybervio engineers play a key role and demand for production in all kinds of online activities. Focusing on the most important features of our products allows us to provide reliable and safe tools for our customers.


Our wealth lies in modern activities and conditions that distinguish us from the competition. We believe that the basis of an IT company is to follow and set modern trends. As a few in the market we use only our own solutions for DNS Anycast services, because we value unlimited development and wide margin of maneuver.

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Global infrastructure

The Cybervio infrastructure has been tailor-made by our engineers in cooperation with the best Data Centers in the world. Every day, we implement unique technical solutions to improve our technical infrastructure for our customers.


Provided by the best

DNS Anycast are delivered in cooperation with the best. Redundancy of the operator's connections, as well as specialized monitoring and prevention tools, exclude even the most abstract scenarios.


We provide a full analysis of DNS query traffic. Thanks to that you can easily find yourself in all kinds of campaigns carried out for the indicated domain.

DNSSEC support

DNSSEC provides authentication of data sources (DNS servers) using asymmetric cryptography and digital signatures.

DNS over TLS protection

Through the use of the security protocol, we increase user confidentiality and privacy by preventing eavesdropping and tampering with DNS data through man-in-the-middle attacks.

Locations offered

Cybervio offers 6 fully independent locations worldwide!