Content Delivery Network

The mission of the CDN service is to serve a website with the fastest possible response and to deliver content to the user regardless of where he or she is currently located. The technology developed by Cybervio's security engineers guarantees 100% redundancy of IT systems and resistance to all kinds of DDoS attacks targeting the Cybervio infrastructure.

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Our infrastructure is completely scalable, which allows us to handle a lot of traffic compared to on-demand servers, independently distributed around the world. We are ready for the challenges posed to us by Internet users in the IT sector, which makes us the leader in relation to the competition. We accept millions of network packets every day, so we know which aspects require special attention of our engineers and possible corrections.


As a website security provider, we are aware of the effects of DDoS attacks and therefore provide comprehensive protection against all kinds of network attacks. Our priority is to offer services available 24/7/365 and to react in real time to any incidents or anomalies.

API integration

We offer an API point for controlling the Cybervio controller in your own systems or solutions. This enables flexible management of the CDN service, such as changing priority points of presence (PoP), changing the settings of content saving (HTTP cache) or generating statistics of requests to a website, which are presented in graphic form from a selected time period (maximum 30 days).

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Intelligent cache

Intelligent cache offers automatic recording of static and dynamic web content, which guarantees much faster loading and serving of pages.

Video and streaming

The Cybervio infrastructure is suitable for customers who want to use video transmission or media streaming. Our network offers faster serving, shorter boot times and less video caching.

HTTP/2 and HTTP/3 support

Our main goal is to speed up the operation of websites as much as possible. The support of HTTP/2 and HTTP/3 protocols allows to increase the efficiency of communication between the client and the target Cybervio server.

IPv6 support

We support the communication protocol, which is a worthy successor to IPv4. The functionality is designed to simplify the protocol header and ensure its flexibility by introducing extensions, as well as support for service classes, authentication and data integrity.